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Jean Urban
In an effort to provide you with a site that is attractive, informative and interesting the Webmaster needs your help! If you see any errors on any of the pages, please let me know so that I can make the necessary corrections as quickly as possible. If you see one of your postings that is outdated and should be removed or one that lacks interest and you want an update or want to add to it please advise.

When submitting a posting please let me know what category it should be; Brags, Champion or Hall of Fame. Include the dogs registered name, call name, sire & dam (optional), name of show, date shown, judge, placings, your name, kennel name and handler etc. It is also requested that if you can provide a storyline, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have submissions to the Litters page, please provide whatever information you can about the litter - your Location, name, email address, phone, kennel, size, sex, color, whelping date, sire/dam and any picture (optional). In the case of litters, please let us know when to remove the post, at present they will be the only ones with a submissions date so our audience can see the time frame these puppies were made available.

The RAP Sheet Editor and Web Page Publisher would like to remind you that all news and information for articles, brags, litters, pictures and topics for discussion come from you our members, "This is your Club," so let's make it something that your proud of and has meaning to you and your visitors. Don't forget to let us know what is happening with your dogs. We volunteer to do these jobs and put a lot of time into it so help us out by keeping us up to date.

Stay tuned for a new Section called, Working Poodles.  I would like your pictures, videos and brags of your working poodles in all activites.  It will not be seperated into varieties or what category.  I would like to see; Hunting, Lure Coursing, Pulling, Rally, Obedience, Therapy, Dock Diving and any other work related activities you or your friends do with Apricot and Red Poodles.  If the submission is from a friend I need their permission (email is fine) to use their pictures and videos. 

I will make every effort to get your submissions posted as quickly as possible. However, you must understand that I work full time, show my three red varieties, and groom all my poos and other chores.
Thank you for your support, it is truly appreciated!

Jean Urban
Webmaster Protem

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