03/11/05 Updated Litters Page

03/11/05 Updated Miniature Hall of Fame Page

03/11/05 Updated Miniature Champions Page

09/08/05 Lumiere Standard Poodles - New Litter

22/05/05 Barclay Lyca Poodles - 4 Mini Brags

22/05/05 Ruest Poodles had 2 litter of Miniatures on May 19 and may 20, for a total of 6 girls and 5 boys.

11/05/05 Moved Lidos Standard Poodles "Rusty" from Standard Champions to Standard Hall of Fame!

11/05/05 Lidos Standard Poodles - new litter

11/05/05 Added James Standard Poodles and Darkover Miniature Poodles to the Links Page

10/05/05 Barclay Lyca Poodles - 4 Mini Brags

10/05/05 Barclay Lyca Poodles - new litter

10/05/05 Apriglo Miniature Poodles - new litter

08/05/05 Minarets Standard Poodle - new litter

05/05/05 Update on Nanjac Toy Poodles "Tams" - Brag

20/04/05 (Cimefleuri Toy Poodles) "Jazzy" - Brag

12/04/05 Lido Standard Poodles New Champion 

09/04/05 Nanjac Toy Poodles "Tams" - Brag 

02/04/05 Retniw Standards  had a new liiter 

03/11/05 Updated Membership Listing

03/11/05 Updated Mail-To Listing

17/05/05 Due to abuse by guests making obscene entries in the guestbook, it has now been removed from the site.

11/05/05 Updated Membership Listing

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