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A Basket Of Poodles
by Vicky Hannam Aurlavi Reg'd Canada
A basket of travelling poodles you see
7 weeks old and we could *all* jump free.
Mom carried us in and out every day
Soon after this pic, we did it *our way*

Our little legs carried us up and down steps
We raced through the know the rest.
The basket alas has returned to its chore
Now the laundry it holds, not us any more.

Only two of us left now, a girl and a boy
Keiko and Quinn - we bring mom such joy
We sleep in her water bed, we pull on her hair
We swim in the fish pond, and snooze in the chair

We chase our real mom who carries a ball
We tug with our dad - don't mind it all.
We're staying a bit, we're told for a show
Right now all we do is eat, play and go!
Patriot Poodles
Jean Urban

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  Submitted: Sep 1, 2019