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Shorback's Breton Surprise "Tink"

Here is Shorback's Toy Poodles, "Tink", at the Centeral Carolina Poodle Club where she won Sweeps both days and Variety one day. We are very proud of our little girl!

Tink's Story
Born - November 23, 2003

"Bella" Magicstar Shorback's Puymeras (her mom), went into labor and at midnight I was at the emergency Vet but it was the Vet from Hell! This Vet said she would only do a C-Section if she could spay the bitch. Woh, I said, this was not an option!  I work at a Vet hospital so called my Vet at 1:30am and drove back down 1 hr and we did the C-Section. Tink was the first pup out and her brother followed quickly. We thought there was no hope for this first pup so I wrapped her in paper towels and left her on the operating table to work with her brother.  After I had the second pup doing well I went back into surgery and looked in the paper towels and gave a tug on her, and opened her mouth, and she took a gasp of air.  I do wish there had been a camera as Doc and I were both shocked. Well, it only took a short time to get her up and running and she hasn't stopped since.  Her handler is her good friend Antoine Marchal who is often helped by his daughter Ann Sophie. "Tink" is very happy with them and loves them I think sometimes more then me.
    Submitted: Dec. 3, 2004
Click for full size image Nanjac Tamyra Rose "Tams"

Here is Nanjac Toy Poodles, "Tams", Nanjac Tamyra Rose in Florida where she earned her first 4 pt. Major.
She earned another point under Elaine Mathis the next day to bring her to a total of 7 points.

Bottom Photo.
She earned her second major on April 29, 2005 at the Anniston Kennel Club in Montgomery, AL. She is 11 months old and has 11 pts. including both majors.

"Tams" is bred by members Nancy & Jack Baker.
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    Submitted: April 10, 2005 - Updated: May 5, 2005